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13 Cobham Ave
New Zealand


Joseph Douglas
Mobile: 027-383-4778
Home: +64 (0)9 439-4889
Email: joe@dargaville.net
Email: jfdouglas2004@yahoo.com.au


Joseph Douglas

Senior Software Developer & Business Analyst

Joe is experienced in developing large computer applications; specialising in Oracle RDBMS systems on Unix/VMS/windows and in the DBA and Application Development arenas. He has moved back to Dargaville, after years overseas. Joe is keen to help the business and community make good use of internet resources and expand the potential of e-commerce and other web based solutions.

While web page design is relatively new to him, he has decades of experience in business analysis and software development to call on. Having had to often trouble shoot problem systems, a strong emphasis on standards and clean (modular) design, are inherent in his work; thus providing more robust, maintainable, and portable solutions.

So far it is only Joe; he is a friendly fellow and is interested in meeting people with similar work and community goals; and particulary in developing connections with local business and community interests.

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