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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions are useful for lots of people not just the users of our sites. They also help us to improve our service and products. As we receive questions they will be added to this section. Consequently, we also ask people to look here first before submitting a question.

How does the menu navigation system work?

Site Navigation

Most main pages can be accessed from the top menu.

Page Navigation

Pages often contain folders which can be opened by clicking on the page menu which are usually denoted by the page sections which an image.

The use of folders helps keep the display uncluttered and simple.

To open a folder

  • Click on the menu image bar options usually below the main menu options and centered on the page (this page does not have a page menu)
  • Click on the folder bar
  • Pass your mouse over the folder title

How can I have errors corrected?

Depending on the content and whether it is directly controlled by us, just use the link at the base of this page to contact us with the details

Please ensure

  • The URL/address of the page is stated
  • The content that is in error
  • What it should be

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